Safety for Drivers at Walkers Crisps

Walkers Crisps (PepsiCo) have  installed a system supplied by Pager Call Systems to help improve communication and safety at their Beaumont Leys location.

Health & Safety requirements at the depot mean that drivers waiting to load and unload are not permitted to wait in their cab, the DriverPage™ system designed by Pager Call Systems provides drivers with a pager that will alert them the moment they are required at the loading bay.

DriverPage Transmitter

The innovative DriverPage transmitter has the provision for the vehicles registration number to be written against the pager number issued to the vehicles driver, this allows staff in the loading area to instantly identify and contact the driver of any vehicle on site.

DriverPage allows drivers of delivery vehicles and lorries waiting to load to relax in the canteen area provided on site whilst waiting to load or unload.

The smart new digital IQ pagers supplied by Pager Call Systems ensure that drivers can be

DriverPage Pager

DriverPage Pager

contacted at the press of a button. IQ Pagers offer the option of any combination of Flash, Bleep & Vibrate guaranteeing instant alerts for waiting drivers.

DriverPage offers a range of features such as out of range alerts which warns drivers if they are moving to an area beyond the systems range, this also ensures drivers do not inadvertently forget to return the pager when leaving and our patented SmartCharge technology which prolongs battery life and enables pagers to be fully charged in just two hours.

Systems are customised for each customers individual requirements and are offered with a choice of pagers and transmitters. All systems can expanded with the addition of further pagers and transmitters as required making the system future proof.

For more information on Paging Systems for Driver Safety contact us on 0800 774 7320.

Pager Call Systems offers a wide range of pagers & paging systems for on site  communication.

DriverPage™ is a trade mark of Pager Call Systems Ltd