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Hospitals, leisure venues, hotels, offices and major retailers throughout the UK are currently using PCS products.

With a wide range of wireless devices Pager Call Systems offer products to suit most onsite messaging requirements.

Smart System Solutions

Innovative System Design

Constant innovation ensures our customers benefit from the latest technology and quality design.

Quality Products & Performance

Superior value and performance are the cornerstone of all our products

Maximum reliability and performance

Diverse Range of Communication Systems

By partnering with Brighton Technologies Group to distribute the best Wireless products we have ensured that we offer a diverse selection of the industries most innovative, reliable pagers & communication systems to mix and match within each on site communication system. This ensures that you will be offered pagers & communication systems that match your requirements. Whether it’s full alphanumeric paging, iFlex tablet & smart device communication or simple alert from vibrate/flash/beep, coaster, wait staff pager, rechargeable or battery operated, Pager Call Systems have a communications solution that suits your needs.

You can count on Pager Call Systems Ltd for the most comprehensive and reliable range of communication systems and pagers to improve your business communications and customer service.

Quality Products for High Performance

Superior value and performance are the cornerstone of our products. That’s why all products offered by Pager Call Systems are made from high quality durable components and robust materials ensuring maximum reliability and performance. Pager Call Systems Ltd offers the latest innovations in communication technology such as the iFlex Chef & iFlex Q system from Brighton Technologies Group providing ground breaking communication for the hospitality industry utilising the latest smart watch and tablet technology.

Flexible Expansion & Integration

All of our systems are designed to allow the simple expansion & the flexibility to upgrade with additional products. With new technology bringing automation to communication Pager Call Systems continues to innovate & develop new products with their partners, all new developments are designed with expansion & integration considerations ensuring that each product is as future proof as possible.