For Patients

Offer patients the best healthcare possible with Quiet Call Patient Paging system. With a flash, beep or vibe, the Quiet Call Patient Paging System is used to communicate confidentially with patients. No more concerns about congested waiting areas, calling or searching for patients at the admissions area or other parts of your facility.

With the Quiet Call system you can call patients back to the department when needed for their appointment.

Quiet Call patient pagers provide patients with more freedom of movement and helps patients to have a positive experience when visiting a hospital or surgery. Lightweight, convenient pagers free them to use the cafeteria, visit the shop, step outside for fresh air or relax in the waiting area. Count on Quiet Call NHS Patient Paging Systems to help you deliver quality healthcare.

For Staff

Free your staff and keep in contact with Connect LTM staff paging system. The Connect Hospital Communication System is used to communicate confidentially and unobtrusively with staff members. No need to worry about searching for staff when they are away from their area. Staff alphanumeric hospital pagers allow staff more freedom of movement with the peace of mind that they can be contacted if needed. Lightweight, convenient pagers free them to move around your facility and be contactable when required. Count on Connect LTM to help you maintain contact with medical staff.

Used by Hospitals & Trusts Throughout the UK

Great Ormond Street Hospital, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary, Manchester Childrens Hospital, Queens Hospital Romford, St Marys Hospital Manchester, Kings College Hospital, Royal Free Hospital, University College London Hospitals, Sheffield Childrens Hospital, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, East Sussex NHS Trust, South East Essex NHS Trust, Northumbria NHS Trust, Hexham Hospital, George Elliott Hospital, Milton Keynes Hospital, Alder Hay Hospital, Mid Cheshire Hospitals, Aintree Hospital, Leighton Hospital, North West London Hospital Trust  are just a few of the hospitals & trusts who rely on Pager Call Systems to provide patient call systems to help manage their busy waiting areas and provide better patient care.

Protect your customers’ privacy and turn their waiting experience into a pleasant one with Quiet Call Ultra pharmacy paging system. Quiet Call Ultra silently notifies customers with a customised voice alert or flash, beep or vibe the instant their prescription is ready. You can call waiting customers back to the pharmacy for further consultation. No congested waiting area, agitated customers or calling customer names to worry about.

Quiet Call Ultra also helps you increase retail sales. Lightweight, convenient pagers free customers to shop and spend while waiting for their prescription to be prepared. With Quiet Call Ultra, your staff will deliver more efficient and customer-friendly service than ever before. Your patients will appreciate a secured, quieter, more enjoyable experience.