Connect First Responder

Connect First Responder System

Flexible Messaging Solution for First Aid & Emergency Responders

Connect First Responder offers a complete messaging platform for alerting first aid responders & fire marshals to critical events.

In moments of crisis, every second counts. The Connect First Responder On-Site Messaging System is a cutting-edge product designed to revolutionise emergency response coordination and communication. This innovative platform is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in need by enabling seamless and instantaneous communication with first aid & critical event responders on-site.

Connect First Responder provides real-time messaging capabilities, allowing individuals on the site to instantly connect with first aid responders. When seconds matter most, our platform ensures a rapid response.

Unlike traditional communication methods that rely on phone calls or external messaging services, Connect First Responder is tailored specifically for on-site emergency scenarios. It pinpoints the exact location and context of the emergency, facilitating quicker and more informed responses.

Messages can be triggered by customised touch screen call points which can be wall or desk mounted. Each call point can be customised to display up to six touch screen call buttons each of which have their dedicated on screen label and message programmed to be sent.

Clear on screen message status from touch screen call points indicates the status with button label & colour changing when a call is triggered.

Call point messages can be sent to individuals or groups of individuals such as first aid groups or fire marshals.

Connect First Responder also incorporates messaging direct from desktop PC’s, each PC user can have their own pre set messages and groups or a standard can be deployed for all users. Direct messaging can be deployed on an unlimited number of PC’s in the facility.

With full network capability Connect First Responder can be configured to provide full site coverage over multiple buildings or targeted to areas of concern.

Connect First Responder utilises our latest slimline rechargeable Smart Receivers offering a bright clear OLED display which can be issued to any number of staff members with staff organised in to responder groups as required.


  • Flexible options, any combination of touch screen call points & PC’s
  • Organise recipients in to groups for instant group messaging
  • Customisable desktop for each PC user providing their own groups
    and quick messages
  • Touch screen call points with up to 6 on screen buttons configurable
  • Wall or desk mount for call points
  • Full site coverage for even the largest facilities
  • Add additional PC users, call points and smart receivers as required
  • Send pre-set quick messages from PC’s in a couple of clicks
  • Export reports showing message logs with full time & date stamps
  • Rechargeable slim receivers
  • Long life receiver rechargeable lithium battery
  • Single or multiple receiver charge bases option

Suitable For:

  • Alerting First Aid Staff
  • Alerting Fire Marshals
  • Sending Critical Messages
  • Providing Instant Communication