Call Drivers with the Press of a Button

Driver Paging Systems are used for busy logistics sites that need to hold vehicles until required to report to loading bays to be loaded or offloaded.

A Truck Driver Paging System will transform the way you communicate with lorry drivers delivering to your site for loading & unloading enabling easy calling of vehicles when they are required.

A Pager Call Systems Driver Paging system allows vehicles to be parked in a safe and secure zone and for driver to be called effortlessly at the press of a button.

With options for a stand alone system or fully networked iFlex system offering coverage for even the largest of sites DriverPage has been designed to ensure you can call vehicles to loading bays whilst allowing them to be held in a safe & secure area until needed.

The Ultra Driver Pager will alert with options of flash, bleep & vibrate and display the loading bay number the driver is required to pull on to.

The iFlex networked system utilises our custom designed software which displays the status of each vehicle with the time elapsed since arriving on site and time since called. All vehicles are displayed on screen and iFlex has options for multiple screens with vehicle entry and calling available from all screens. The smart iFlex software is a custom designed package built to help provide the best in safe efficient site vehicle flow.

Reporting is available from the system showing details of every vehicles arrival time, time called to loading bays and time leaving the site.

Our IP54 rated robust driver pagers are designed to stand up to the rigors of daily usage by truck drivers and still perform every time.

Features DriverPage

  • Ultra Pagers IP54 rated with Bright LED Display
  • Stand Alone or iFlex Networked
  • Powerful Transmitters for Full Site Coverage
  • Option for Multiple Transmitter Call Points
  • Send Loading Bay Numbers Direct to Drivers Pager
  • Simple Operation
  • Upgradeable With Additional Pagers & Call Points
  • Full Reporting of Wait Times (iFlex Only)
  • Terminal Display Showing the Status of Vehicles (iFlex Only)
  • Enter Vehicles on Terminal at One Location Call From Another (iFlex Only)
  • Manager Alerts for Wait Time Exceeded (iFlex Only)
  • Desktop, Wall Mount or Portable Tablet Options (iFlex Only)