Why use pagers?
Pagers are commonly used for on site messaging and with options for simple staff or customer alert or full alphanumeric messaging there is a variety of models suitable for offices, bars & restaurants, hospitals, schools and colleges.

Often when people think of pagers they remember the old 1980’s pagers that were used before mobile phones.
Pagers have come a long way since the 1980’s and pagers are still widely used by a variety of businesses as an efficient way to contact staff or customers and send messages.

What do pagers offer:
Reliability – Pagers do not rely on WiFi networks to deliver messages and alerts, the systems use specific frequencies allocated by ofcom to communicate from the transmitters to the pagers and systems can be specified to cover even the largest sites and provide a robust messaging solution.

Discrete – With a paging system messages can be delivered or staff alerted by a silent vibration and instantly see a message or know they are required at a certain area. For schools & colleges where using mobile phones to contact staff is not an option pagers are an ideal alternative.

Simple – Systems can be as basic as a stand alone plug and play solution or a full networked messaging platform offering communication from PC’s and tablets.

Integration – Paging systems can be integrated with other equipment such as alarm systems and manufacturing machinery to send a defined message automatically when specific events occur.

No Cost – Unlike SMS text messages sending a message to a pager does not incur any charges this makes pager systems a cost effective solution.

Customisable – There is a wide range of systems that have been designed for many common requirements but if a solution is not available systems can be customised to meet the users requirements.

These are just a few reasons why pagers are still the preferred choice for many businesses who need a reliable on site messaging solution.

Alphanumeric Pager BTG868

Alphanumeric Pager
Alphanumeric pager, when a message is sent the pager alerts the user and a full alphanumeric text is displayed. Alerts can be set as vibration only vibe and tone or silent alert.
Alphanumeric Pagers are used to display messages from push buttons or messaging software.

Integrate With Your Existing System
Alphanumeric pagers can be integrated to receive alerts from third party equipment such as fire alarm panels, hotel reception call buttons, front door bells or machinery.

Staff Pager
Staff Pagers, rechargeable pager. Alerts with any combination of flash bleep and vibrate. Pagers are charged in a charging base which incorporates our patented Smart Charging technology ensuring that batteries are never overcharged.

Manage Wait Staff
Used with the Server Call kitchen to wait staff paging system & Staff Call paging system Staff Call helps manage communication between the chef and front of house staff. Staff Call pagers can also be used anywhere that a simple alert via a pager is required.

Matrix Customer Pager
Matrix Customer Pagers are used in any environment where guests or customers are waiting, this style of pager is often used in restaurants & bars where customers are waiting for food to be collected or waiting for tables.

They are also used in the retail sector where customers are waiting for orders or specialist staff who provide advice.

Each pager is programmed with its own number and calling the unit is straightforward by entering the pager number and pressing send on the calling transmitter.

When a customer pager is called it alerts via a combination of flash beep & vibrate, in most instances they are set to flash & vibrate, this ensures that the customer is alerted without disturbance to other people in the area.

Matrix customer pagers are rechargeable with charging racks holding up to 30 pagers in each rack. The front insert on the pager can be customised with a locations own message & branding.

Titan Pro Customer Pager
The Titan Pro is a coaster style customer pager which is used in bars, restaurants & takeaway operations for recalling customers who are waiting.

The Titan Pro is rechargeable and up to 10 pagers can be stacked on the charge base for charging. The front insert can be customised with branding and any message.

With a bright clear LED number display and an appealing design the Titan Pro is an ideal solution for businesses looking for a low cost efficient system for calling guests.

The unit is IP54 rated to protect against the ingress of dust and liquid and has a robust design to cope with drops and knocks.

Quiet Call Ultra Patient Pager
Manufactured using anti microbial plastics to help fight the spread of infectious diseases, the Quiet Call Ultra antibacterial pager is used extensively in hospitals, outpatient departments and pharmacies to recall patients waiting for appointments or prescriptions.

Simple Reliable Communication
The pager offers a clear bright LED number display, multiple alert choices using any combination of vibration, bleep and flash. The Quiet Call Ultra pager is the ideal solution for communication with patients waiting for appointments or prescriptions and with the pagers clear alert system it is often the pager of choice for hospital departments & organisations dealing with the hearing or visually impaired.

Rechargeable Slim Alpha Pager
A bright OLED display rechargeable beltclip alphanumeric pager for locations needing full message display with the convenience of a rechargeable pagers with a charging time of 4-8 hours and battery life of 48 to 72 hours from a single charge.

This is the slimmest Alpha Pager ever developed.

With a bright clear OLED display messages are easy to read and are the ideal solution for sites who need multiple pagers with full message display and the ability to recharge pagers.

The Slim Alphanumeric Pager has options for individual charging cradles and optional 5 or 10 position multi chargers.