Connect LTM Pager Software

Pager Messages from your Office PC

Pager Call Systems Connect LTM PC Paging software gives you full control of your messages right from your office PC. The PC Paging suite can be installed on any number of work stations allowing full alpha numeric messages to be sent to our range of alpha staff pagers.

Send messages to individual recipients or multiple users simultaneously, with full site coverage Connect LTM is the ideal solution to instantly contact staff wherever they are located throughout the building.

Each users screen can be customised with their own specific quick messages providing the option to select a recipient or multiple recipients, select quick message or free type any message.

With the SMS Text message option Connect LTM can send messages to mobile phones both on and off the site.

PC Paging Highlights

> Simple Installation > Programmable Pre Set Messages
> Menu Driven Screens > Programmable Pager Directory
> Full Alphanumeric Text > Compatible With Most Operating Systems

PC Paging Options

  • Fully Networked PC Paging
  • Send Messages from any PC Workstation
  • Send Messages to Pagers, Mobile phones or Email
  • No Limit to Number of Users
  • Preset Messages from Dropdown Menu
  • Preset Messages Customisable for Individual Users
  • Send Bulk Messages to Multiple Recipients
  • Full Site Coverage
  • Simple Easy to Use Interface
  • Options to Rent with Full Maintenance & Support
  • Accommodates Unlimited Pagers