Paging Systems for First Aid

Paging systems for first aid staff offers a simple solution to what could be a critical incident requiring immediate attention from first aid responders, a paging system for first aid staff provides a easy to implement system for calling first aid staff no matter where first aid responders are located in your building.

Call Systems for First Aid

Call Systems for sending alerts to first aid responders. Alphanumeric Alerts can be sent from simple to install battery operated call buttons, desktop PC applications or touch screen displays offering options to configure up to six touch buttons on screen.

First Aid V3 Alpha Call System

With the First Aid V3 Alpha System pre-set messages can be sent to first aid responders direct from the desktop transmitters alerting responders to the area calling with details of the first aid requirement.

Call Point

Call Point is a touch screen system with up to six first aid call buttons configurable on each screen. Call Buttons can be configured to call individual first aid responders or groups of first aid responders.

Connect LTM

Connect LTM is a desktop application that can be installed on any PC or laptop and offers a complete suite of messaging options with customisable canned messages for each user, organising groups for first aid & fire marshal response.