Restaurant Pagers
We offer the latest customer pagers & waiter paging systems for restaurants, pubs & bars our restaurant paging systems & pagers are used by thousands of restaurants world wide to enhance customer service and staff efficiency.

Unique products & New Technology
Pager Call Systems has partnered with Brighton Technologies Group to introduce the latest innovations in communication to the UK hospitality market. iFlex Chef & iFlex Q restaurant systems offer an unparalleled level of kitchen to front of house management & guaranteed guest experience utilising the latest smart watch and tablet technology.

Better Service Means Higher Profits
Satisfied customers translate to returning customers. In an industry where customer service can make or break a restaurant, it pays to invest in a Pager Call Systems restaurant system to improve the quality and speed of service.

Better Communications with Guests and Staff
Our systems provide faster, quieter and more effective communications than our competitors. Our high quality alpha pagers, numeric pagers and extensive pager models available for each paging system allow you to choose the form of communication you’d like for your restaurant. As a result, staff can work more efficiently and serve guests effectively.

Faster Table Turns is Great for Business
In a busy restaurant, it’s crucial to turn tables quickly to prevent waiting customers walking away. Guest Call Ultra & Titan paging systems for restaurants are designed to help your staff communicate and work more productively to turn tables faster and serve more guests.