iFlex Q

iFlex Q

iFlex Q takes guesswork and stress out of customer queuing. Simply check your customer’s group size, quote them the current wait time, hand your customer a pager and they can enjoy themselves in the bar, in your gardens or in the surrounding shops. When your customer’s order or table is ready, simply page them through the iFlex Q console to let them know.

iFlex Q is the next generation of paging for the hospitality market utilising smart devices and tablets.

iFlex Q

Features and Benefits

  • Easily manage your food & seating wait list in real time
  • Simple to use touch screen system
  • Choice of pager options to suit your budget
  • Options for multiple tablet consoles for greater flexibility
  • Extended range via Wi-Fi
  • Full reporting of wait times and response times
  • SMS text option to mobile phones available
iFlex Q

How it works

The iFlex Q system provides an easy way to manage your customers wait experience and provides inbuilt escalations to alert you when wait times start to exceed acceptable times.

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