iFlex Chef Kitchen Panel

iFlex Chef – The Worlds First Smart Watch Restaurant Communication System

Flex Chef offers seamless two way communication between kitchen and front of house staff.

Traditional paging systems can only alert staff with one way communication, iFlex Chef takes your restaurant communication to a new level with Two Way Real Time alerts, send messages from the kitchen to wait staff when food is ready and receive confirmation that the server is available to collect, if the server is busy they can simply reassign the call to another member of the front of house team. iFlex Chef utilises  your existing Wi-Fi network and provides an efficient multi-way communication system with the option of full voice messaging using our state of the art SmartWatches.

iFlex is the first system in the world to use Tablets & Smart Watches with software designed specifically to improve efficiency & communication for the hospitality sector, iFlex Chef provides seamless communication between the kitchen, wait staff and managers ensuring customers are provided with the best possible service.

iFlex Chef incorporates a host of back end reporting providing management with complete visibility in to every aspect of service.

Features and Benefits

  • Two Way Communication Between Kitchen & Staff
  • Smart Watch with Voice & Vibration Alert
  • Bump Function to reassign if busy
  • Full Visual Display for Messages
  • Option for Smart Watches or Staff Pagers
  • Option for Full Voice Communication with Bluetooth Earpiece
  • Reporting Facility for Management Reports
  • Remote Access for Full Support
  • Integration with Kitchen Screen Systems
  • Integration with POS Systems
  • Multi Call Panel Options (Kitchen, Bar, Etc)
  • Totally Future Proof – Upgrade as Technology Moves

No other system in the world offers the features & flexibility of iFlex Chef – finally a system that can  be upgraded with new features as technology evolves!