Connect CS (Communication System)

The Connect CS (Communication System) is an event management system capable of accepting inputs from external sources and alerting staff via pagers, mobile phones, smart devices, DECT phones, Two Way Radios and email of any external event trigger received by the system. The Dynamic Event Management engine receives inputs and assigns calls to the correct team members or groups. Escalations for calls can be set using a set of predefined rules.

Connect CS can receive inputs from fire alarm & security systems, machinery, critical temperature monitoring systems, building control systems or any system with external outputs.

Connect CS can be programmed for the management, prioritisation, and response to key events. This includes the ability to send messages to the right people based on rules set up for your organisation, including escalated communications when necessary. It also means you can manage all devices and allocate staff as required.

Connect CS is a flexible modular software service which can be customised to only enable communication options that are required by the end user. Call our technical support staff on 0800 774 7320 to receive a quotation for your individual requirements.

Connect HCS Customised Hotel Version

Connect HCS (Hotel Communication System)

With Connect HCS your staff communication will offer the ultimate in instant connectivity, Connect HCS offers on site communication using pagers, Wi-Fi smart devices, DECT Phones & email. As well as offering staff communication the system can be set with automatic notifications for staff rotas.

Connect HCS is the ideal solution for hotels that want the option of communicating with mobile staff throughout the building, messages can be sent by any number of users from desk top PC’s of device to device using wireless tablets or smart watches. With a wide range of devices from pagers to smart watches and tables connect offers total flexibility.

PC users can access the Connect messaging platform via a web browser and send messages to any device directly from their desktop.

For sites that want to manage events and tasks automatically the system can receive inputs from external building monitoring systems and alarm systems and automatically assign notifications and escalations to the appropriate staff members.

Other options available are Connect wireless push buttons for meeting & conference rooms & with a telephone interface messages can even be sent from any phone extension in the building.


  • Flexible Event Management & Staff Messaging System
  • Staff Communication via Pagers, Smart Devices, Tablets, PC’s & DECT
  • Flexible Configuration Options
  • Integration to Fire, Alarm & Building Management Systems
  • Notify Staff & Teams of Critical Events
  • Integration with External Equipment
  • Message Escalations Based on Predefined Rules
  • Detailed Reports & Automated Management Reports