Thermal Imaging Camera PCS-UNT8504

Instantly scan all staff and visitors to detect body temperature as they enter your site. Scans multiple people simultaneously and displays the temperature for each person in view of the camera.

The PCS-UNT8504 is the ideal solution for sites wanting to monitor the temperature of every person as they enter. The system detects the temperature of each person in just 1 second and displays the temperature to an accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius.

If a someone is detected with a high temperature (Usually >37.5 degrees Celsius) the system will sound an audible alert and display the temperature in red by the persons image.

Daily log files are stored of all scanned people along with the time scanned and temperature recorded.

With the addition of our paging system interface staff members can be alerted to anyone the system detects to be over temperature.

Once someone is detected with a high temperature they can be checked and advised of the issue and appropriate measures taken.

The PCS-UNT8504 is the ideal solution to help monitor the well being of staff & customers.

See the PCS-UNT8504 Thermal Camera Video


  • Detects multiple people simultaneously
  • +/- 3 degree C accuracy
  • 1 second detection time
  • Visual & sounder alert for over temperature
  • Live video view displaying temperature
  • log files stored showing all people dates and times with detected temperature
  • Generate reports as required
  • Networked connected
  • Free Windows software
  • View on PC, laptop
  • Display on large screen via HDMI