Connect LTM Pager Software

School Lockdown  Communication System

Connect LTM Lockdown is an on site communication system designed to deliver critical messages via pagers, SMS text message and email.

Connect LTM for schools ensures all staff can be contacted throughout the site delivering essential messages efficiently.

The software can be hosted on any PC and access to the messaging system is available to as many users as required via any network connected PC.

Available to Rent or Purchase

Send Messages To:
Staff Alphanumeric Pagers
Mobile Phones via SMS Text
Email Recipients

Instant Messages for Staff & Pupil Safety
The ability to effectively communicate with staff in the event of a security or safety issue forms an integral part of a schools lockdown and security policy, Connect LTM offers options for group recipients such as Fire Marshals, First Aid, security staff and when required all staff. Messages can be selected from a list of predefined messages which can be customised for each user or free typed.

Connect LTM is the ideal solution for schools and education establishments looking to enhance their lockdown procedures with a robust reliable on site messaging system.

Connect LTM Message Interface
Indivdual users are assigned a login for the messaging system which sits conveniently in their task bar when not in use.
Users can customise their own screen with canned messages and user groups as required.

Messages can be sent efficiently with a couple of clicks of the mouse, simply select the recipients or recipient group, select the message and click send.

Any number of users can be set up and the system can be available on any PC on the site.

School Lockdown Alerts
With messaging available to mobile phones via SMS text, email and alphanumeric pagers Lockdown and security risk notifications can be delivered instantly to all appropriate staff.

Events That Could Trigger Lockdown Alerts
Intruder On Site (with potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils in the school)
A reported incident /civil disturbance in the local community (with the potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils in the school)
A warning being received regarding a local risk, of air pollution (smoke plume, gas cloud, chemical or biological contaminants)
A major fire in the vicinity of the school
The Close proximity of a dangerous dog roaming loose

Features and Benefits

  • Instant Simple Messaging
  • Alphanumeric School Pagers
  • Wrist Watch Pager Option
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Send to Email
  • Preset Messages for Quick Sending
  • Access from Any Network PC
  • Customisable Configuration for Each User
  • Configure Groups for Messaging (Fire Wardens, First Aid, etc)
  • Full Coverage for even the Largest Sites