Connect LTM Staff Paging System

Staff Paging Systems are used in establishments where staff need to be contacted who are located in different areas of the building. Messages can be sent to staff pagers from any desktop PC or laptop located on the sites network.

Staff Paging Systems offer instant communication via smart discrete belt clip alphanumeric BTG Slim Pagers or our BTG 868 Pager. Whether it’s messaging for hospitals, offices, schools or hotels, efficient communication in a company or communication for first aid staff, Connect LTM alphanumeric paging is a great solution.

Connect LTM can be installed on multiple desktop PC’s and each member of staff can customise their own canned messages, contact list & groups.

The connect LTM Staff Paging System is available with our large screen BTG 868 alphanumeric pager or the latest rechargeable IP67 rated BTG Slim Pagers, the Slim Pager has an anti-bacterial case, is washable, utilises a bright OLED display and is the thinnest pager available weighing only 50 gms and measuring only 90.2 x 54.0 x 8.0 millimeters.

As well as sending messages to pagers the system also has options to send messages via email & text message.

With full network capability the system can communicate with unlimited transmitters ensuring full site coverage for even the largest buildings.

Connect LTM staff paging systems are used in schools and colleges, offices, hospitals and factories. If you need instant discrete communication Pager Call Systems Connect LTM staff paging is the answer.


  • Battery (AAA) or Rechargeable Slim Pagers
  • Option for Slim Pager, Lightweight with Bright OLED Display
  • 10 Pager Charge Rack & Single Pager Charger Available for Slim Pagers
  • Slim Pager with 5 Day Battery Life
  • Networked System with Multiple Site Wide PC Access
  • Send Messages to Pagers & Email
  • Customisable Pre-Set Messages
  • Message to Individual Recipients or Groups
  • Each User Can Customise Their Own Pre-Set Messages

Staff Paging Suitable For:

  • Hotel Staff Paging
  • Hospital Staff
  • First Aid Staff Paging
  • Factory Staff Alerts
  • Retail Outlets
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Offices