Rental Paging Systems

Fully Maintained Rental Systems

Pager Call Systems Announces New Fully Managed Service Agreement Rental – With our Fully Managed Service Rental you can rent any of our award winning paging systems with no capital outlay. Whether you are a small restaurant operator with a single site or a multi site, multi system operator with our new Fully Managed Service Rental we supply the latest systems with full maintenance & support on a low cost monthly rental.

• All equipment, repairs & maintenance included
• One simple monthly payment
• No external lease or finance rent direct from the manufacturer
• Dedicated service support line
• No long term contract (only 3 months minimum term)
• Ofcom license included in package
• No risk, you don’t like it kick it out
• Can’t be repaired? No problem we will replace it
• Low cost replacements for any lost items

Chris Hawkins Director at Pager Call Systems comments “We have listened to feedback from our customers and we are often asked if we can supply systems on a rental and have all the repairs and support included. We understand that when a customer uses a paging system it becomes an integral part of their day to day operation and they don’t want to mess around or incur further costs if something goes wrong.

“When pagers are used on a daily basis they do get a fair amount of abuse, they get dropped frequently and eventually something can fail.
With our Fully Managed Service Rental everything is covered and if something fails that puts a system out of action we advance replace the item and will have the system up and running the next day.

“With the rental option you will also always have the latest systems available, if a system is no longer serviceable we simply switch it out for the latest new system, this ensures that customers on our rental scheme always have the latest technology in use.

“With our rental option there are no lengthy contracts, no big up front payments and no third party leases, you rent directly from Pager Call Systems and simply pay monthly for your system and with systems starting from only £47 per month it’s an affordable option. We are confident our rental option will offer total cover and total peace of mind for our customers”.

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