Connect LTM Pager Software

Connect LTM for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Connect LTM provides site wide communication for schools & education facilities sending instant messages direct to pagers, mobile phones or email.

Providing instant communication with staff across the site Connect LTM ensures that staff can be contacted from any desktop PC with the ability to send messages to pagers, mobile phones via SMS or email no matter where they are located on your site.

As well as providing an efficient site wide communication system Connect LTM is a valuable addition to a schools lockdown protocol, schools and education facilities have recently become increasingly aware that an effective lockdown procedure is essential to maintain safety in the event of a critical incident. Connect LTM provides the opportunity to discretely & instantly communicate with all members or groups of members of staff informing them of events which could pose a risk to pupils & staff.

The Department for Education is currently looking to update its security guidance for schools to provide better information to help schools draw up effective security policies and plans. Whatever security and lockdown plan a site adopts an effective method of communicating critical events to staff is needed to ensure that staff are informed quickly and are provided with the information needed to take the appropriate remedial action.

If you would like to to find out more about improving your on site communication contact us on 0800 774 7320. You can find out more about Connect LTM here Connect LTM.