Scotney Castle Improves Service with Table Tracking

Efficient table service is an important element of the Coach House Tea Room at Scotney Castle which is operated by the National Trust.

Scotney Castle has installed an Ultra Trac table location system at the Coach House Tea Room, with 22 tables inside the converted Coach House and 44 tables outside in the courtyard and lawn area. Customers were previously provided with a stylishly designed cat board showing their order number when they ordered food and this would be placed on their selected table.

For staff delivering food to diners this meant they would have to walk around the inside & outside seating area looking for the order number when delivering food.

With the new Ultra Trac system diners are given a tracker when they order food and once they are seated at their selected table they place the tracker on the table and the order & table is displayed on a screen allowing staff to see at a glance where any order is seated.

Mike Lynch Food & Beverage Manager at Scotney Castle comments “during busy periods we can have over 200 people seated at tables both inside & outside at the tea rooms, delivering food orders efficiently & offering a great customer experience is a priority for us and with our tables being spread over a large area operating with number boards was challenging.”

“With the new Ultra Trac system we now have a far more efficient operation, the moment a customer sits at a table and places the tracker on it we can see which table they are seated at and if we tap the order on screen the system displays a map showing where the table is located.”

“Staff love the new system as they can now see where any food order has to be delivered to and the chef can also see how many orders are waiting along with the time elapsed since ordering. For take away orders we can call the customers tracker from the touch screen and the tracker flashes & vibrates alerting the customer that their food order is ready for collection.”

“The Ultra Trac system is a great addition to our operation”.

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