Pager Call Systems introduces a new range of push button paging systems with the flexibility to offer all the functionality and options for our varied customers.

Single Button, Three Button or Five Button Options available. All buttons are programmed with individual messages which can be specified by the customer.

When a button is pressed the message is sent directly to either a single alphanumeric pager or a group of pagers.

The smart new push button paging systems communicate instantly with our range of alphanumeric pagers.

Pagers can be alerted via silent vibrate or vibrate and melody. The clear bright display on the alphanumeric pager ensures all messages can be read easily by the user.

Pager Call Systems range of push button transmitters are fully rechargeable, up to 15 push button transmitters can be charged simultaneously on the SmartCharge base charger. With our patented SmartCharge technology units are only recharged when required prolonging battery life. The call buttons will last up to two months between charging and can be fully recharged in only two hours.

All push button systems are configured in our workshop to the customers specification and are shipped ready to use on delivery with no set up required by the user.

Pager Call Systems push button paging systems have a range of up to a quarter of a mile and with the addition of our repeater unit the range can be extended to ensure full coverage of even the largest locations.

optician alphanumeric pager
alphanumeric pager
alphanumeric pager sun deck

Push button paging systems are the perfect solution for hotel conference rooms, opticians eye test rooms, unattended hotel reception areas, fine dining rooms, table service in restaurants and call for service points in retail outlets. Pager Call Push Button Paging Systems are used in Specsavers Opticians, Corporate dining rooms, retail outlets, hotels, conference and meeting rooms and in some of the largest most prestigious yachts in the world. Yacht Staff Pager