Hexham General Hospital

Northumbria Healthcare Trust is rated as excellent for the quality of services and the way it manages its resources putting it in the top 10% in the country. The trust has recently upgraded the patient paging system at Hexham General Hospital and chose QuietCall IQ Patient Pagers and Pager Call Systems as their provider.

Hexham General Hospital have previously used a patient paging system from another provider but the system was proving unreliable and expensive to maintain. Hexham General decided to install the QuietCall IQ Paging System with antibacterial pagers to offer patients more freedom whilst waiting for appointments. Although Hexham General has some of the shortest waiting times for appointments in the country delays are occasionally unavoidable, the trust wanted to ensure that as part of their commitment to patient care the waiting experience was the best they could offer.

Upon arrival patients are offered a QuietCall IQ Patient Pager this offers patients the freedom to use the hospitals facilities whilst waiting for their appointment. Hexham General has an excellent cafeteria and with the new QuietCall Pager System patients can relax over a coffee or snack whilst waiting for their appointment. Once the patient is required for their appointment the department simply enters the patients pager number in to the transmitter and presses send to alert the patient that it is time to attend.

QuietCall Patient Pagers are now manufactured using microbial plastics offering increased protection against the spread of infectious diseases.

“Our QuietCall IQ Paging System has proved incredibly successful and we have supplied many hospital trusts and private hospitals throughout the UK,” comments Chris Hawkins Director of Pager Call Systems Ltd. “The QuietCall IQ system offers a number of unique innovative features including automatic pager numbering which helps reduce ongoing costs and allows pagers to be moved from one department to another without the need for reprogramming at the workshop, we are pleased that Northumbria Healthcare Trust has selected Pager Call Systems as the chosen supplier for Hexham General Hospital.”