How can you save money on wait staff in a restaurant? We’re not entirely sure that every restaurant may agree but dancing samurai robots that serve diners might be a worth a try. That’s what the owner of the Hajime restaurant in Thailand did. The owner apparently spent about 30 million baht (about $930,000) on her restaurant and four robots from Japan. The robots can serve and clear food that customers order via a touch screen. If you’re bored, the robots will even dance to entertain you, though that may or may not affect your appetite.

Alternatively you could always consider using a ServerCall waiter paging system from Pager Call Systems, using restaurant pagers to alert serving staff when food is ready to be collected from the kitchen can eliminate the need for runners or serving staff to continuously keep returning to the kitchen to check if a food order is ready.
Kitchen to waiter communication systems from Pager Call Systems will ensure you deliver your food hot and fresh as soon as it’s ready, it also ensures your diners receive the very best service from waiting staff who will be on hand on the restaurant floor rather than waiting around the kitchen for orders.

Check out the robots in action in the video below:

Restaurant Pagers from Pager Call Systems, cheaper than a robot but they dont dance!