Kings College Hospital London has joined the increasing number of hospitals throughout the UK to introduce QuietCall Patent Paging Systems from Pager Call Systems.

The busy pharmacy department at King College Hospital dispense hundreds of patient prescriptions daily and the introduction of QuietCall Patient Pagers now mean that patients can relax in the nearby cafeteria whilst waiting for their prescription to be dispensed.

QuietCall Patient Pagers are issued by the pharmacy to patients who wish to wait for their prescription but would like to move away from the busy pharmacy waiting area.

QuietCall Patient Paging Systems are used in pharmacies & outpatients departments in hospitals throughout the UK to improve patient care and allow patients the freedom to move away from waiting areas safe in the knowledge that staff can contact them at the press of a button.

Chris Hawkins from Pager Call Systems comments “we are seeing a growing number of hospitals using our QuietCall systems to improve the waiting experience, nobody likes to wait for appointments or prescriptions to be fulfilled but with the increased pressure on busy hospital departments it is often unavoidable. With a QuietCall system patients are no longer restricted to a departments waiting room, they can relax elsewhere or move outside to call family members and still be contacted when they are required. Since the introduction of our antibacterial pager which is manufactured using microbial additives to help combat the spread of infectious diseases we have seen even more hospitals choosing QuietCall”.For more information on QuietCall Patient Paging Systems contact Pager Call Systems on 0800 774 7320.