Duston Eldean Primary School

Laptops for Children at Duston Eldean Primary School

Duston Eldean Primary School are fundraising to provide laptops for children of families that do not have access to one at home.
Pager Call Systems are pleased to support this initiative and would encourage other businesses to help if they can.

You may think (as we did) that government is funding laptops for children to support remote learning, they are but the quantity is severely limited and in the case of Duston Eldean Primary School they are getting 3 laptops which means they need to raise funds for 20 more that they need to support all the children who do not have access to one.

We realise that in the current environment it is tough for everyone but ensuring our children are not disadvantaged because of school closures and all children have equal access to education is important.

If you would like to support Duston Eldean Primary School and help with funding please contact them via their website https://www.dustoneldeanprimary.co.uk/contact-us

Please help if you can.