Pager Call Systems has launched a new range of push button pager systems designed for the hotel industry, push for service buttons for conference rooms are the latest edition to the range. A simple call for service button is located in the conference rooms, when this is pressed to call for service the hotel staff are alerted via a pager, the pager will display the details of which conference room has called for service.

The system can operate with unlimited amounts of call buttons, the push button pager systems are configured to the hotels individual requirements, any number of buttons and pagers can be utilised from a simple single button and receiving pager to complex configurations with numerous call buttons and any combination of receiving pagers.

Separate call buttons or groups of call buttons can be routed to different staff pagers if required.

For large properties the signal can be boosted allowing coverage of up to two miles.

The call for service buttons can also be configured to have multiple buttons allowing specific messages to be sent to the pagers allowing staff to identify exactly which service is required, an example of this would be a three button system with “Food Service” “A/V Support” & “Service” as the three options, each button option could be routed to a different member of staff if required.

The new Call for Service push button pager range from Pager Call Systems offers a wide range of options that can enhance the service levels offered by hotels in their conference rooms, function rooms and meeting rooms. Conference venues requiring further information or a demonstration of a system should contact Pager Call Systems on 0800 774 7320.