Business As Usual Despite Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage is causing issues with supplies of products around the world, virtually all electronics uses microchips and our pagers and transmitters are no different. The global shortage of microchips has caused major disruption to production in many industries and the shortage has resulted in increased upward pressure on prices.

Fortunately despite the increased demand for microchips and lack of supply we have secured supplies of microchips for all of our production for the foreseeable future. Our component procurement for production is scheduled 12 months in advance and we have procured 300,000 microchips for our ongoing manufacturing across our group of companies.

Despite the cost of microchips spiralling five fold & air and sea freight costs tripling we are ensuring our products remain competitively priced and that we continue to deliver the highest quality systems for our customers.

Pager Call Systems remains committed to ensuring our customers receive the best service and products available at competitive pricing.