iFlex Driver Paging System

Paging systems to call lorry drivers have become one of our most popular products. Using paging systems to call trucks improves efficiency for loading and unloading and ensures staff safety.

With increasing traffic volumes many logistics centres are finding that vehicles have to be held either off or on site whilst waiting for loading bays to be available, this presents a number of problems. A major concern is staff safety, having staff walk around busy traffic areas looking for the right lorry to ask them to move to an available loading bay is not only time consuming and inefficient it also puts that employee at risk. A paging system to call the truck driver means that the lorry can be be moved from one location to another by simply alerting the truck drivers pager with the bay to go to.

Pager Call Systems have now taken the simple paging system to call lorries to the next level with our iFlex Driver Page system developed specifically for logistics operations. the iFlex driver paging system offers more than just calling lorries.

iFlex Driver Page is a smart vehicle flow management system which offers operators complete visibility to all vehicles held on site, their current status and time elapsed since arriving. Vehicles can be added on to the system when arriving at the facility and called from another location from the iFlex touch screen interface.

Lorry Paging System Display
Truck Pager

With the iFlex Driver Page truck paging system you can add vehicles on a tablet at one location and the details are instantly updated to all tablets at the facility, this means that by having tablets located at loading areas or in the transport office lorries can be called from any location on site and sent to the appropriate loading bay, weighbridge or holding area and its all done from the iFlex touchscreen.

Simple to Use but Powerful

  • When a vehicle arrives on site add the vehicle on to the iFlex system via the touchscreen display and give the driver a pager
  • Vehicle details are displayed on all iFlex terminals showing registration/identification pager number and time elapsed
  • Ask the driver to go to the holding area and wait to be called on their logistics pager
  • When you want the driver to move the vehicle to the loading bay or any other area select the truck via the touchscreen and enter the loading bay number
  • The drivers pager will alert and show the area to proceed to
  • The iFlex display screens will update showing the area that the vehicle is sent to and a further timer will commence showing time since called

The iFlex driver paging system is available as a stand alone system or it can be integrated in to workflow systems to fully automate the vehicle flow process and automatically send messages to logistics pagers via output from the companies own workflow system.

iFlex also monitors how long a vehicle has been on site and will automatically notify a manager if your KPI’s or site load times are exceeded.

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