When it comes to spectacular Las Vegas is certainly one of the places in the world that sums up the word. Hard Rock Cafe www.hardrock.com have opened their latest showcase venue right in the heart of one of the most spectacular cities in the world.

The impressive venue is packed with incredible memorabilia that Hard Rock are famous for, but what is even more impressive is the technology that is used not only to operate what has to be one of the largest restaurants in the world but also to entertain diners.

When you walk in to book a table the first stage is that you are put on to a wait list at the hostess station using QSR’s latest table management software, with more than 2,000 seats on offer in the restaurant over two levels, efficient table management is essential.

Customer recall is handled by the latest digital customer paging system GuestCall IQ from HME Wireless Inc www.hmewireless.com which is exclusively distributed in the UK by Pager Call Systems, this guarantees that waiting customers are paged immediately the moment their table is ready, no matter where they are in this huge venue.

Whilst waiting for their table guests can check out some of the coolest technology, 7 Microsoft surface computer coffee tables with large screen displays are located in areas over the two floors allowing you to scroll through the massive collection of memorabilia located in Hard Rock venues throughout the world.  This technology is impressive but the Huge Multi-Touch, Multi-User Wall has to be the most impressive piece of technology in any restaurant.

Check out the video to see the Multi-Touch Wall in action.

Once you are seated the dazzling display of entertainment doesn’t stop there, with your own personal touch screen located at your table you can check out Hard Rock’s collection of memorabilia around the world and vote for the next music video to be played on screens throughout the restaurant.

There is no doubt that a visit to the new Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe is an experience that wont be easily forgotten.