Pager Call Systems introduces a new line of patient paging systems for hospitals and medical centres. The new QuietCall medical pager systems offer busy hospitals and clinics a smart new solution  for notifying patients when they need to return for their consultation.

The compact patient paging systems are housed in a space saving All In One transmitter and charger. The new QuietCall patient pager systems offer customisable inserts allowing hospitals and clinics to display their own branding and messages.

Hosptal Patient Paging Systems allow patients to move to other areas of the hospital and relax whilst waiting for their appointment. When the patient is required to return a member of the medical team can call the patient at the press of a button.  Patients are then notified by the smart new compact pager which illuminates and vibrates.

Patient Call Systems are available configured to the requirements of the medical centre or hospital. Systems are available with any quantity of pagers ranging from 15 patient pagers to 1,000.