Staff paging systems for yachts – PCS offers a full range of communication systems for yachts including push for service call buttons and full alphanumeric paging with staff Call Point System.

Yacht Push Buttons are available in both stand alone push buttons and stylish touchscreen Call Point push buttons. Stand alone push buttons for yachts can be supplied with up to four buttons on each calling unit.

Calling for service on yachts has never been simpler, the Call Point touch screen digital push button system means that individual crew members can be called with their receiving unit showing the area calling and the service required.

Call Point touch screen push button for yachts are configurable with one to six call buttons with each staff call button being customised with its own label and message. Call Point touch screens can be either desk or wall mounted with options available for network connected or wireless. Call Point provides total control of your push for service buttons.

Call point provides complete flexibility allowing users to reset the number of buttons and messages when changes are required.