Touch Screen Call Points for Meeting Rooms

Offering exceptional service to clients using meeting rooms in hotels & conference centres ensures your guests will use the facilities again and again. Call Point has been developed to ensure venues can offer clients instant communication with staff members at the touch of a button.

Call Point is a touch screen call for service system that offers you total control, Call Points can be either wall or desk mounted in as many meeting rooms as required. Each Call Point can be independently configured with one to six on screen call buttons. Each button can be customised with a choice of colour, button label and unique message to send.

Each Call Point Button is set to call individual staff members or multiple staff members. When a staff member is called they will be alerted on their slim Pager with the display showing the location of the Call Point and the message sent.

Call Point offers the user complete control with the option to reconfigure the number of buttons required on screen through the password protected user menus. With the option to reconfigure Call Point at any time your system is always up to date.

Ensuring messages are always delivered efficiently when your guests call for service is guaranteed using Call Points unique RF technology, even the largest buildings will receive full coverage with Call Point.

If you would like more information on how Call Point helps offer exceptional service to meeting rooms call us on 0800 774 7320.

Read more about Call Point here.