Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital Introduces Quiet Call

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital is now using Quiet Call Patient Pagers.

Quiet Call Patient Paging frees patients from the confines of the waiting room allowing patients to relax in The Pod with a coffee from Costa. The innovative patient pagers help to reduce congested waiting areas and free up staff time locating patients.

Pager Call Systems is the largest provider of patient paging systems in the UK with thousands of pagers deployed in NHS Trusts throughout the country with fully networked systems with site wide coverage with many providing coverage of car parks and external areas.

For more information on the Quiet Call Patient Paging range contact us on 0845 6444109.

Royal United Hospitals Bath Extends Patient Pager Use

Anxious parents waiting while their child has surgery at the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (RUH) are now being given pagers to alert them when all is well.

What began as a trial in the Recovery Unit has proved so successful that it’s now being extended to other areas across the hospital.

Consultant anaesthetist Fiona Kelly, who helped set up the initiative, said: “Mobile phones aren’t always reliable – some parents have their phone turned off or turned down, and some might not have a mobile. We’ve shown that a personal pager is a much more reliable way of contacting them when they’re needed.

“A pager gives parents or carers a sense of reassurance and lets them have a break, for example to leave the ward and go to the hospital café, while their child is having their operation. Parents often do not eat and drink on the morning of surgery while their child is nil by mouth, and this can make a difficult day for them even harder. The pagers also guarantee that parents can be easily called when they’re needed, meaning they can be quickly reunited with their child in recovery. This gives the parents a greater sense of control.”

Some 3000 children from two months to 18 years old are anaesthetised each year at the RUH. A 2017 survey showed that, before the pager system was introduced, it took an average of 23 minutes for a parent to re-join their child in the Recovery Unit, and 70% of children waited for more than 15 minutes. Using the pagers has cut that time to an average 2.8 minutes, with no child waiting more than 11 minutes.

Fiona Kelly said: “The feedback has been really positive, with parents saying how big a benefit the pagers are, improving their child’s experience and making it much less stressful for them.”

Kerry and Neil Sidwick were given a parent pager when their son Charlie had an operation to have four teeth removed. Kelly said: “The pager gave us reassurance that we would not miss Charlie waking up. It meant we could pop and get a coffee without risking not being there for him.”

Patient Pagers at Royal United Hospital Bath

The pagers were funded by the Friends of the RUH charity and the Trust’s Innovation Panel, where staff pitch for funding for ideas that improve patient care and experience and efficiency.

Identical pagers have been successfully introduced in the Intensive Care Unit for family and friends of patients, and it is now hoped to roll out pagers in pharmacy and in other wards and hospital areas.

The pager programme is supported by the Trust’s Patient Experience Team. Lead Sharon Manhi said: “As a Trust, we are committed to ensuring that we use the experience of our patients, families and staff to improve the care that we provide. Introducing these pagers is a brilliant example of a simple idea that we can demonstrate has real benefits to all concerned.”

Since the system provided by Pager Call Systems was originally installed the initiative has been extended to six departments within the hospital.

Quiet Call Patient Paging at the University Hospital Southampton new £2.2 million new Urology Centre

The University Hospital Southampton has added a new purpose built Urology Centre. Among the facilities are new clinic and treatment rooms which enable the team to carry out more procedures and tests promptly without the need to admit patients.

As part of the Trusts commitment to offering patients excellent care the department has installed a Quiet Call Ultra Patient Paging System from Pager Call Systems. Pictured above is Senior Sister of the Urology Day Unit Clare Tull.

Pager Call Systems provides patient Call Systems for NHS Trusts throughout the UK with systems available for deployment in individual department or fully networked systems for full site coverage. See our range of patient pagers here Patient Pagers

COVID-19 Paging Systens

COVID-19 – Patient Pagers Update

We have received a number of requests for information on cleaning and sanitising patient pagers that we supply to hospitals.

Although our Patient Pagers that are used for calling waiting patients utilise ant-microbial additives in the plastics it is good practice to always clean the pager before and after use. Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes & Clinell Universal and Sporicidal Wipes are proven effective against Covid-19 and are ideal for cleaning the patient buzzers before and after use.

You can read the latest information from GAMA Healthcare (Clinell) here click link

If your NHS Trust or clinic is looking for a solution to help with infection control and help manage your patient flow contact us and our experienced staff will advise on the most appropriate solution or read more about our patient call systems here.

COVID-19 Paging Systens

COVID-19 Patient Waiting Areas Update

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the government has issued advice to Business & Hospital Trusts to help maintain social distancing in the workplace & for keeping patients safe in hospitals.

Managing patient flow and ensuring that social distancing is maintained is challenging for busy hospital departments. Keeping patients safe in a busy outpatient department or clinic is a priority. Pager Call Systems has been supplying NHS Trusts throughout the UK with Quiet Call Patient Paging Systems to help during these challenging times.

With a patient call system for waiting areas patients can be kept safe by allowing them to move from the confines of the waiting area but still be called when their clinician is ready to see them.

Quiet Call Systems can be installed quickly and with a networked system the entire hospital site can be covered including nearby car parks if required.

If your NHS Trust or clinic is looking for a solution to reduce the numbers of patients who have to use your waiting rooms contact us and our experienced staff will advise on the most appropriate solution.

Queens Hospital Patient Pagers

State of The Art patient Pagers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

State-of-the-art patient pagers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, allowing patients more freedom and independence as they wait for their appointments.

Queens Hospital Patient Pagers

The QuietCall IQ patient pagers have been introduced to the chemotherapy and haematology day unit at the hospital, to allow patients to move away from waiting rooms if clinics are late or doctors are called to an emergency.

The QE is one of the first hospitals in Britain to begin using the state-of-the-art QuietCall IQ patient paging system in a bid to help reduce the stress of waiting times.

Patient pagers are handed out by reception staff and buzz five minutes before the patients are needed for their appointment, giving them time to get back.

Patrick Moore, GP Services Manager at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, said: “We worked with the supplier Pager Call Systems to ensure that we provided coverage of all areas that patients may go to whilst waiting.

“The system reaches from the sixth floor right down to the lobby area and even outside. The pagers are a great addition to the department and we’re delighted to be able to offer patients a better waiting experience.

“It’s important to us that patients get a good balance between excellent medical care and providing a good overall experience at our hospital. Sometimes waiting times are unavoidable so being able to free patients from waiting rooms to relax over a tea or coffee improves their experience during their visit.

“We’re very grateful to QEHB Charity for funding these extra innovative pieces of equipment, which really make a big difference to patients, and we plan to implement the system in other departments later this year.”

Mike Hammond, Chief Executive of QEHB Charity, said: “These patient pagers are an excellent idea. They really make a difference for patients as it can be frustrating being restricted to a waiting area if there is a delay.

“This way they can go to the cafe or shop or just step outside for some fresh air and feel their time is being better spent than just sitting in a waiting area.”

For further information contact Pager Call Systems Ltd on 0800 774 7320

Kings College Hospital Introduces Quiet Call

Kings College Hospital London has joined the increasing number of hospitals throughout the UK to introduce QuietCall Patent Paging Systems from Pager Call Systems.

Hexham General Hospital Chooses QuietCall IQ Patient Pagers

Northumbria Healthcare Trust is rated as excellent for the quality of services and the way it manages its resources putting it in the top 10% in the country. The trust has recently upgraded the patient paging system at Hexham General Hospital and chose QuietCall IQ Patient Pagers and Pager Call Systems as their provider.

Sheffield Childrens Hospital

Patient Paging Systems for Sheffield Childrens Hospital

Sheffield Childrens NHS Foundation Trust have installed QuietCall Patient Paging Systems supplied by Pager Call Systems.
Mums and dads visiting The Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, can now go for a coffee or a walk in the park thanks to a new set of ‘bleepers’ cutting waiting time frustration.

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