Keep Customers Shopping, Boost Sales and Service

Transform the customer’s waiting experience into an enjoyable one with Guest Call Ultra retail paging system. Guest Call Ultra notifies customers with alternatives of customised voice announcement or flash, beep or vibe the instant their order is ready or service is complete. Eliminate long queues and noisy PA systems. Guest Call Ultra helps you be more profitable by giving customers the opportunity to shop while they wait. Or Use Guest Call Ultra to page staff when a customer needs assistance or staff needs help from management. With Guest Call Ultra, you’ll easily manage your customer flow and create a quieter, more inviting shopping experience.

Staff Paging Systems

Improve communication with key employees with a Staff Paging System, PCS staff pager systems offer the option of simple vibrate alerts to call employees to full alphanumeric text paging. Staff pagers are the ideal solution for calling staff to assist customers or for queue busting, call additional staff to the checkout area when they are needed at the press of a button.

Click & Collect Staff Call

PCS Click & Collect Staff Call systems eliminate the need to staff click & collect counters, when a customer arrives staff can be called at the press of a button, the system instantly alerts staff no matter where they are in the store..